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The best decision in my life

College life can be full opportunities, up and downs, remarkable friendships and sleepless nights, but who said that college life would be easy? A church calling, wedding plans, seventeen credits, and a part-time job was the day to day life for Danilo Mantilla during his summer semester. He had so much to handle on his plate, and a limited time to accomplish everything. Life was full of opportunities to grow spiritually for Danilo, but he wouldn't be able to notice those opportunities without the help of his beautiful wife who, every Tuesday week after week, waited for Danilo outside of his class to attend  Devotional together.

Putting the Lord first does make the difference, and I can see the difference stated Danilo Mantilla. He also expressed how grateful he feels for the Plan of Happiness.

Now I can have this balance of church callings and the relationship with my beautiful wife, Danilo expressed.


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