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The Lord Can Do Great Things With You

1. Be obedient.

Of all the things that you can do, if you can be obedient to the commandments, you're going to be just fine, Brother Nelson testified. He shared how during his mission his life changed completely when he committed to be obedient. As he has looked back and pondered what made the difference in his life, he attributes that being obedient brought him to where he is now. If you can be obedient, be all the way in, then the Lord will do amazing things with you, he said.

2. Expect more of yourself.

The Lord needs powerful men and women, said Brother Nelson. You need to expect more of yourself. Having a greater perspective of who you would like to become will help you stretch yourself to become your very best.

3. Work hard.

Hard work is always inconvenient, said Brother Nelson. Be willing to inconvenience yourself. It will bear fruit.

4. Trust God to make more of you than you can make of yourself.

God can do great things with you if you work hard, Brother Nelson testified. When you trust that you can be more and make more because you let God be involved in your life, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

5. Check your thoughts.

Be patient and slow to condemn, noted Brother Nelson. You tend to do what you think. Watch your thoughts carefully, and with that control you can do great things.

6. Be kind to others.

The kinder you are, the more you will lift yourself, he said. When you are kind to others, you can know and see how being kind to others comes back to you. It blesses you and them.

7. Think more about others.

Ask yourself, What kind of inheritance will I leave? Consider your influence. Think more about your future posterity so you can feel motivated to work harder to bless the lives of others.

The Lord can do great things with us, said Brother Nelson, but we must be willing. He stressed that. It takes hard work, and it will never be convenient. But it will make all the difference, for ourselves now and others to come. By choosing to do the seven keys above, lives will be greatly blessed.

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