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The Spirit brought Luke here

Before his mission, he studied music and sound production. While he was serving his mission, he felt he should find a different focus for his life, and that led him to the U.S. to continue his education.

To attend the Business College, he had to sell his music equipment and work for six months to save money. Luke said that miracles helped make his studies in the States possible. He found a sponsor willing to help him with the process and money to come to Utah.

As part of his student experience, and to be more self-sufficient, he works in the financial aid office, where he has the opportunity to interact with many students from different cultures around the world.

He’s grateful for his teammates and examples of good leadership and work ethic he has observed as a student worker. He also likes having the flexibility to balance his job, school workload and his life. He feels his experience at the College will better prepare him for the future.

“LDS Business College has given me the perfect start to reaching my goals. It has been a good place for me after my mission as I adjust to real life.”

Luke also said, “I’ve really appreciated having teachers who have real-world experience. They give me a broader and better perspective on what it’s like to work for a living.”

Luke started at LDS Business College in fall 2017, pursuing a business management associate degree. He plans to continue his education, pursue a bachelor’s degree and become a business owner and entrepreneur.

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