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Brother Kusch shared an experience where he felt prompted to visit a local University and offer himself as a volunteer, while he was serving as mission president in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He arrived to the main office and presented himself as the Mission president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and that he was wished to offer his services as a volunteer. After receiving a quizzical look, he decided it would be best to leave his card with the kind secretary, who spoke with him for a couple minutes. Briefly after, having not gotten far in his endeavor, he left wondering, why he had that impression.

Weeks after, he received a reference, from a member, of a family who wanted to listen to the missionaries. They were the best investigators in the area, studying their scriptures diligently, ready to be taught. Brother Kusch scheduled an appointment to meet with the family and the missionaries. Shortly after greeting the family he recognized the woman, it was the secretary who was so kind to him while he was visiting the university campus.

After a couple of missionary lessons, she and her husband decided to get baptized, a year after that they were sealed for eternity with their little daughter. This experience helped him to learn that to “seek the guidance of The Holy Ghost is a choice we make” . He said, “there are so many blessings we can obtain for following those promptings, and when we do so the Holy Ghost motivates us to keep the commandments”  

“I plead with you to think about your own experiences with the Holy Ghost, as you do so I promise that he will help you see how you have been led and guided in your own lives.”  

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