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Theresa Chiang: back in school as a single parent

“My daughters have been managing their homework and they do chores around the house. What I like is that we study together at the same time. We help each other, and we try to finish on-time, so later, we can go out and do something fun as a family.”

The last time she attended school was 25 years ago. Going back to school was something she always wanted to do but never had the opportunity. She chose LDS Business College because of the global supply chain and project management programs and a scholarship. “I have been blessed by generous donors with the single-parent scholarship to pay for my education. It has helped my family and me tremendously.”

This is Theresa’s first time studying in the United States. She’s excited to refine her skills and get back into the job market. In the past, Theresa worked for 10 years with international companies. So far, she has lived in Taiwan, China, eastern Europe and the United States. Moving to different countries has allowed her to learned several languages, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, Bulgarian and English.

Theresa came to LDSBC to study in the Global Supply Chain and Operations, and Project Management programs. Fall 2017 is her first semester, and she loves all her classes. “Every class is my favorite; all the lectures are excellent and very devoted. Going back to school has been a divine experience.”

Theresa recently returned to Utah from New York where she went with some classmates to attend the “Engaged Conference.” There were students from all over the U.S., and there were different corporations who introduced their products and services to the students. Students were also able to tour company locations. Theresa was there to learn about the hospitality sector. She went on a tour of a Marriot hotel, which was the first hotel in Times Square. She learned that, at the time of the Great Depression, the hotel was in an unsafe area. But their persistence and business strategy to build clientele worked. Throughout the conference, students were able to work on case studies and interact with business executives.

“I recommend all students take their education very seriously,” Theresa said. “It’s important to study and gain hands-on experience.” She also noted that younger people seem to have more time to study than she does as a single parent, which they can use to their advantage. But she brings a lifetime of experience to her classes, creating a different learning atmosphere for everyone.

Theresa plans to receive associate degrees in both programs by fall 2019. In the process, she hopes to be a good example to her daughters and classmates.

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