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Through faith, in Christ's name

Having everything planned before he finished his mission, Taylor knew perfectly well what he thought he needed to do and where he was going. His righteous desires made everything look perfect. Enthusiastically, Taylor came back home with honor. It all changed three weeks after his release. His father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Things changed drastically for him. Because of his knowledge of the Plan of Happiness and his faith in Christ, it took Elijah a short time to learn how to Respond positively to any suffering you have, and it is possible through the Atonement of Christ.

After praying and pondering, Elijah felt he needed to attend LDSBC. Even though all his plans changed, Elijah feels immensely blessed to attend LDSBC. In his short time at the College, he has experienced multiple blessings as he finds strength in Christ.

Through faith, on Christ's name, we can overcome any temptation, Elijah concluded.

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