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Tough decisions lead Angela to financial independence

“I have always loved numbers,” said Angela. “In accounting, everything balances out and has a home. Since my dream is to own my own business someday, I decided I needed to study accounting and finance. They made more sense for my future.”

A dual change

Along with her decision to change majors, Angela also thought about changing colleges. “My mother attended LDS Business College,” said Angela, “so I knew it offered many opportunities to learn and grow.”

Angela took a tour of LDSBC in late 2015. What she found impressed her. “I absolutely fell in love with the college,” she said. “I remember feeling so at peace, that this was where I belonged.” Angela promptly applied for admission and started the following semester.

“Salt Lake City is a big city, so I was a little nervous,” she said. “But coming here was worth it! LDSBC has a high job placement rate following graduation, and I love the diversity here. Also, the college offers close networking with students and faculty, which sets it apart even more.”

Personal integrity

“I want to be financially independent and responsible,” said Angela, “so I lived at home for five months to earn money for school and be with my family. Through hard work and their help, I’ve remained free of student loans. I really want to graduate with the least amount of debt possible.”

Angela also appreciates how many LDSBC instructors have full-time jobs in the subjects they teach. “My professors are all successful in their fields,” said Angela. “They live what they teach. I get realistic education that truly prepares me for my future career.”

Life balance

Like most students, Angela finds it a challenge to keep life balanced. “It’s really hard to find time for studying, having fun, working, and dating,” she said, “but attending weekly devotionals really helps. The messages give me down-time to ponder questions and search for answers.”

While the answers are usually not immediate, said Angela, “they often come randomly later on. And the devotionals help me feel peace. “I leave better able to set my priorities, and everything seems to work out.”

Angela was born in Tualatin, Oregon, but she grew up in Greenville, North Carolina. Being at LDSBC has helped widen her horizons. “I love singing and dancing,” said Angela. “When I transferred here, I was a little worried because I did not see many classes for the arts. Then I discovered the choir! I love being part of it.”

She has also been able to express her love of dance. “So many people know how to dance well here,” she said, “and I can easily learn new styles. The chance to sing and dance has been a great stress reliever and a way to express myself.”

Joy in the journey

Angela feels the tough decisions she has made are just part of life’s journey. “I believe that no matter what situation one is in, he or she can make a difference,” she said. “This has little to do with roles but much more to do with goals. It sounds a little cliché, but I do dream about making the world a better place.”

Angela hopes to teach others the skills needed to succeed in business and support themselves. “I dream about doing this across America,” she said, “but I may even go to other countries. When I was little, a Primary teacher taught that if you wanted to develop a skill, you should pray for it. That lesson—and acting on it—has influenced my life. It has helped me gain compassion, and it has helped shape who I am.”

Embracing one’s strengths

“I never let fear keep me from trying,” said Angela. “A good example of this is my current job at the LDSBC help desk. I wasn’t qualified for the job in all areas, but I had people skills. When a position came open I was hired. I’ve learned the technical skills along the way.” Angela developed her unique and positive outlook on life in one of her best learning environments—home. “My parents raised me to be who I am,” she said. “They supported my dreams and encouraged my growth. And I will make the world a better place."

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