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Uncover Hidden Desires with a Degree in Medical Assisting

LDS Business College helps students fine-tune future career plans and uncover hidden desires. For Donna Miller, a Medical Assistant student from Northern Virginia, discovering the joys of Medical Assisting has helped her on her path to success.

Donna is a non-traditional student, meaning she’s chosen to continue her education after being in the workforce for a period of time.

“I completed a self-reliance class back home in Virginia,” Donna said. “One of the things that I felt strongly to do after completing that was to continue my education. I quickly decided to rent out my house, pack up my belongings and come to LDS Business College. It’s a small environment here, and that’s what I was looking for.”

At LDS Business College, we believe everyone deserves access to a quality education. That’s why we offer qualifying students a multitude of scholarships and awards. 

“Scholarships here have been a tremendous blessing in my life,” Donna said. “When I came out to Utah, I didn’t have an apartment, but I was beginning to see the Lord’s hand in my life. I talked to the Financial Aid Manager, and she guided me through the process of signing up for the Single-Parent Scholarship. I’m trying to do my due-diligence to honor everything that this scholarship is about.”

A degree in Medical Assisting will provide you with the administrative and clinical skills needed to prosper in the fast-paced field of healthcare. You’ll experience valuable internships in a variety of settings.

Donna has immersed herself in the Medical Assisting field and the culture of LDS Business College. 

“My teachers have been amazing,” Donna said. “LDSBC has lived up to all my expectations. After coming back to school after 40-something years, they’ve been so helpful and have made me feel so confident.

“I can tell you I feel the Spirit very strongly in this building. I would highly recommend LDSBC to anyone in my age group or position. Everyone’s compassionate here. Everyone here is rooting for you. No matter how bad it might seem, everyone shows me the bright side of my future.”

We want to help you uncover your hidden desires and put you in a position to succeed at LDS Business College. We’ll help you get the education necessary to excel in your career or while getting additional education. Let’s make your future happen at LDS Business College.

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