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Under the Instruction of a Master

Andrew tries his best every time he has to perform. He is always looking for ways to improve his skills. Whenever Andrew feels that he is really good at playing the organ, he likes to watch The Mormon Tabernacle Choir organist as his secret to remaining humble.

After watching a couple videos, Andrew Auna came to the conclusion that “Every subject, whether spiritual or temporal, can only be mastered under the instruction of a teacher.” When you are instructed by a teacher, coach, or teammates, you start to master different skills.

You can also learn from the prophets and heaven as you study and ponder the prophet's words and  regularly attend the temple. God is the master of all subjects, and we need to seek His guidance. He can personally give you knowledge and understanding. Make sure to remember that when we obtain understanding, we must share it with others.

Andrew concluded, “We are put into a position to serve others using our talents. As we increase in knowledge and understanding."

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