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Whirlwind of change brings opportunities for LDS convert

She had recently joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but was feeling lonely because she had met few members her age.

The bishop suggested she explore the possibility of moving to Utah, so Joy planned a trial run out west—nearly 2,500 miles from her home in Florida. “I decided to attend LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City,” said Joy. “My bishop’s suggestion weighed heavy on my heart. As I walked around Temple Square, I decided that I would move to Utah.”

The decision was not without consequence, however. “I was leaving everything I had known to move to a place I had only been once,” she said. “And it was just to be around more members of a church I had just joined.”

Her plan had its naysayers. “My family and friends thought I was crazy!” she said. “But I had received so many blessings from Heavenly Father in listening to the counsel of my bishop and listening to the confirmation in my heart from the Spirit.”

The next two years became a whirlwind of change. Joy enrolled at LDS Business College, earned a scholarship, joined the Army National Guard, got married, and held two part-time jobs. Apart from her marriage, the college became the center of her universe.

“I was really excited to attend a school full of members of the Church,” said Joy. “I wanted to study Business Management, and I chose LDSBC because it offered authentic experience in the business world. On one project, I worked on a management team that evaluated the effectiveness of a new menu strategy for an international fast-food restaurant.”

Joy also appreciated the amazing network of teachers at the school. “These are wonderful, talented individuals who understand business and want to share their knowledge,” she said. “At the same time, they love to share their testimonies of the gospel.”

Joy earned two scholarships that helped pay for her education. “I cannot express enough gratitude for what a blessing this was,” she said. “I wanted to be an A student, but I also wanted to explore my beautiful new surroundings. I wanted a social life, but I needed a job and needed to spend more time on my homework. I am grateful for the leadership courses that helped me better organize my priorities.”

The unique approach fostered at LDSBC gave Joy confidence in her resume and her job interview skills. That confidence landed her two part-time jobs—one as a gate agent for a major airline company, and another as a bookkeeper for a local construction company.

Joy is excited about the future and the blessings she has received. “I’ve been so fortunate,” she said. “I’ve had great mentors at the business college. I hope to pay what I’ve gained forward by being a mentor myself one day.”

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