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You are here for a unique purpose

“Characteristics are characteristics, and we are wrong to label them as weaknesses,”  Sister Cox said

Each individual can be defined by different characteristics such as height, stature, eye color, etc.  How we see our characteristics depends on the attitude we take towards them. When we embrace our unique characteristics, we can learn how our uniqueness can bless us and those around us.

As Peter, who gave one step in faith to walk on water, even when he faltered, he taught us the lesson to try to walk through uncertainty.“The ability to walk through our uncertainty and fear are essential to success in our life.” Says Sister Cox

When you have the courage to take a step into the unknown, redefining your characteristics to make them sound like a benefit to you then you can take a step with faith and the revelation will come once you have taken your first step.

In a world full of challenges but also opportunities we must remember that “You are here for a unique purpose”

We might have things that we would like to try out like starting a new relationship, finishing something that needs to get done, or doing something you have never tried before and “It’s walking into the unknown where we acquire new knowledge.”

If there is something Sister Cox has learned about Christ it is that He lived in the middle of uncertainty, he brought 12 apostles from different backgrounds all together, who made a significant contribution preaching the Gospel to every creature. Sister Cox taught us that differences are OK when we find a contribution to make.

“Your contribution is not just important , but necessary in the world today.” Sister Cox concluded

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