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Ecclesiastical Endorsement

Continuing students must complete an Ecclesiastical Endorsement annually.

The Registration Office begins accepting continuing student endorsements on March 1st of each academic year. Endorsements must be submitted prior to fall registration.

Whether on or off campus, all students are expected to follow the Honor Code , which includes the (1) Academic Honesty Policy, (2) Dress and Grooming Standards and (3) Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Endorsements may be requested online by doing the following:

  • Request an endorsement from the bishop or branch president of the ward/branch which holds your current church membership record.
  • Select “Student” > “Continuing/Currently Enrolled” > “I am currently enrolled at Ensign College”.
  • Log in with your church account.

Request Endorsement

How will my bishop/branch president complete my electronic request?

Bishops view and submit continuing student endorsements by logging in to (NOT

Other Students

Those who are not members of the Church are endorsed annually by the Ensign Chaplain. You will be contacted by the Chaplain’s office to schedule a meeting. If you have questions, please contact

A student studying his scriptures.

Withdrawn or Declined Ecclesiastical Endorsement

An ecclesiastical leader may withdraw a student’s endorsement at any time or may decline to endorse a continuing student if the leader determines the student is no longer eligible for the endorsement. For more information regarding withdrawn or declined endorsements, please see the Ensign Catalog.


For questions about endorsement renewals, please contact the Registration Office at 801-524-8140 or For questions regarding a withdrawn endorsement, please contact the Honor Code Office at 801-524-1936 or

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