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Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

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Get the market-ready experience to start your career with a skills-based bachelor's degree from Ensign College.

A diploma is one thing—but today's employers are looking for graduates with the complex skillset to improve profitability from day one. They want trained employees who can jump right to work. That's where Ensign College comes in.

Each of Ensign College's bachelor's degrees supply the in-demand skills that employers desire. The research-driven curriculum is designed to equip you with the up-to-date industry knowledge you'll need to succeed. By deliberately emphasizing experiential learning over general education, you'll graduate with the specialized tools, experience and confidence to immediately advance in the workplace.

Pick your specialty--Customize your degree

Did you know that you can customize your bachelor's degree? Ensign College's unique degrees allow students to choose 1-2 areas of focus, called certificates, within their degree. These certificates teach you the specific processes and technologies to master your niche in a broader industry.

So, your business management degree can be refined with focused study in business intelligence, business analytics, or small business management and entrepreneurship. While your communication degree could include certificates in social media marketing and digital content creation. This enables you to graduate with a bachelor's degree and certificates in your areas of interest, making you even more marketable in a competitive job market.

Choose the Bachelor of Applied Science degree that's right for you.
co-workers analyzing data and trends
Master the technological and intellectual skills required for fantastic earning potential with a bachelor's degree in Accounting.
employers in a hiring situation
Dive into the fast-paced world of business with the passion and experience to become a change leader in any organization.
Garner the critical thinking, technology, and presentation skills needed to break out into a bold new career.
cyber security team of developers
Master the techniques to protect organizational assets online with a bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity.
Working on homework
Learn the technology, strategy, and tactics used to build effective campaigns that can reach the masses with a bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing.
calculating grades
Gain the analytical and forecasting skills required for a fast-paced career in the financial services industry.
Student working on computer from above
Gain the expertise to apply creative solutions to complex problems.
Man looking at programming code on computer monitor
Gain the confidence to manage corporate resources and infrastructure with cutting-edge innovation.

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