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Software Development

Associate Degree
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Put your technical prowess to work with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Software Development.

Picture this: crafting apps that transform how people connect, designing games that captivate audiences, and solving real-world challenges through ingenious solutions. Sound interesting? Ensign College's AAS in Software Development prepares you to be the architect of digital landscapes, where every line of code becomes a masterpiece in the art of technology. With a Software Development degree, you won't just learn code – you'll develop the power to shape the future in tech.

Job Outlook

  • $124,200

    Median annual wage for software developers as of May 2022.

    • #3

      Software Developer's ranking on U.S. News' 100 Best Jobs of 2024, based on factors such as salary, market growth, and job satisfaction.

      (U.S. News)
    • 25%

      Projected job growth for Software Developers between 2022 and 2032.

    • 153K

      Projected job openings annually for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers through 2032.

    Program Overview

    In this 2-year program, you'll gain the experience to proficiently build complex software using popular programming languages and APIs, as well as an eye for testing, bug fixing, and maintaining the applications and components that keep businesses running. Our program kicks off with a Computer Science certificate that, combined with IT and college fundamental courses, will build your degree into an AAS, blending theory with hands-on experience to sculpt your skills. While this AAS isn't designed to transfer to other schools, it prepares you to get a good job right after graduation.

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    Software Development is available as an associate of applied science degree program.

    Network and Computer Systems Administrator

    As a network administrator, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring the functionality of companies' information technology infrastructure. Your responsibilities encompass the installation, configuration, and maintenance of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), data communication networks, as well as other critical components like operating systems and servers. In this dynamic field, you'll be at the forefront of optimizing network performance, troubleshooting issues, and implementing robust solutions to keep organizations connected and technologically sound. Average salary in the US as of May 2022: $90,520. ( BLS )

    Computer Programmer

    As a computer programmer, you will be the wizard of coding, turning intricate designs into functional software. Proficient in languages like Java or Python, they breathe life into applications. Picture yourself decoding complex algorithms and ensuring applications run smoothly. If you are fueled by a passion for logic and creativity, this is your realm. Average salary in the US as of May 2022: $97,800. ( BLS )

    Computer and Information Systems Manager

    As a Computer and Information Systems Manager, your role is pivotal in planning, coordinating, and overseeing computer-related activities within an organization. You'll play a key part in defining the IT goals of the organization and ensuring the implementation of computer systems that align with and meet those objectives. Your expertise will be essential in integrating technology seamlessly to fulfill the strategic vision of the organization. Average salary in the US as of May 2022: $164,070. ( BLS )

    With a Software Development degree, you'll be prepared to operate as a programmer or project manager in a variety of ever-expanding IT fields. You'll graduate with the soft and hard skills necessary to excel in this highly profitable field.

    Upon completion of the degree, you'll be able to:

    • Develop software applications using programming languages
    • Use object-oriented programming to enhance code
    • Solve technical problems
    • Work in teams to build software applications
    • Use project management frameworks to support the development process

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    You’ll also leave here with the skills to communicate effectively, articulate your career preparation confidently, and collaborate with others meaningfully. And in all things, we’ll help you work toward becoming a capable and trusted disciple of Jesus Christ. So whatever you do, you’ll be prepared to be the best you possible.

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