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Ensign College Career Week Winter 2024

Ensign College recently concluded its highly anticipated Career Week, a series of events designed to empower students in their professional development journey. From professional headshots to open houses showcasing career services, the week was packed with valuable opportunities for students to enhance their skill sets and connect with career resources.

Keynote Speaker

On Monday, we were honored to have Beth Whisamore, Managing Director of Human Resources for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speak to students and employees. Beth is an inspiration for many with her extensive experience in HR management and her involvement in community and professional organizations. During her keynote address, Beth emphasized the importance of embodying five critical attributes of leaders. These attributes, rooted in a willingness to listen to and learn from the Holy Ghost, serve as guiding principles for success:

  1. Learning: Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge are key in effective leadership. Leaders should continuously seek opportunities to ask questions, show genuine interest, and cultivate their understanding of the world.
  2. Self-Awareness: It is vital to know oneself as a leader. Through prayer and reflection, individuals can gain insights into their strengths and potential, guiding them toward fulfilling their purpose.
  3. Knowing Where They Thrive: Effective leaders recognize their areas of expertise and leverage them to excel in their roles. By understanding where they thrive, leaders can make informed decisions and foster environments conducive to success.
  4. Attitude Inspired by the Will to Do Right: Maintain a positive attitude grounded in integrity and righteousness. Leaders who uphold moral principles inspire trust and confidence in their teams, paving the way for collaborative and impactful leadership.
  5. Hard Work and Courage: Quoting Michelle Obama, Beth encouraged leaders to "move beyond their fears" and embrace challenges with determination. By demonstrating resilience and a willingness to work hard, leaders set an example for perseverance and inspire others to overcome obstacles.
    Beth Whisamore - Keynote Speaker

Professional Headshots

One of the highlights of Career Week was the opportunity for students to obtain professional headshots at no cost. A studio photographer was on hand to capture the confidence and professionalism of Ensign College students. Ivanna, a Marketing student, said, "This is a perfect opportunity for us. We don't have to pay anything to have a high-quality and professional headshot. I am grateful for this opportunity."

Career & Internship Services Open House

Another standout event during Career Week was the Career & Internship Services Open House. Held on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, this event invited students to explore the resources and support available to help them land their dream jobs. Attendees had the chance to tour the Carriage House and EC2, where they learned about resume building, interview preparation, internship opportunities, and more. Additionally, students enjoyed popcorn and ice cream while mingling with career mentors and peers. One of the career mentors said, "I recommend all Ensign students to come and participate. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare them for their internships, work on their resumes, network, and show them the tools and knowledge needed to pursue their career goals confidently.”

Career Fair

The most anticipated event of career week was the career fair, held on Thursday. The event allowed students to meet with companies that were ready to hire. Students were encouraged to come prepared with their resumes and dress professionally as they explored career opportunities and networked with potential employers.

career fair winter 2024

One company in attendance, Beevue, chose Ensign College because students have excellent skills and work ethics. Other employers said, “We choose Ensign college because there’s a great variety of programs.” Emma, a recruiter from the International Language program, said, “Our company follows a conduct code, and we know that people who come to Ensign College often follow this code.”

Ensign College's Career Week was a resounding success, fostering a career readiness and empowerment culture among students. As the college looks ahead to the Career Fair and beyond, it remains dedicated to providing students with the support and resources they need to thrive in their chosen fields.

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