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Federal Financial Aid for BYU GE-Flex Students

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If you are a GE-Flex student participating in a consortium agreement with Ensign and hope to receive federal financial aid, you should keep some essential things in mind. The items mentioned on this page may not cover every potential question. Please don’t hesitate to contact the financial aid office at Ensign College if you have questions.

  • Financial Aid Eligibility for GE-Flex Students

    1. Students must sign the student acknowledgment once per academic year.
    2. Students must intend to complete an Ensign College credential.
    3. Federal financial aid will only be available for classes that directly relate to your declared Ensign College credential.
    4. Students must follow all other federal financial aid eligibility criteria found in "Eligibility Requirements."
  • Disbursement Dates
  • Federal aid disbursements will follow BYU’s published academic calendar .

    • This means federal awards will not post to cover your balance until the following occurs:

      o Disbursements cannot happen more than ten days before BYU’s term begins.

      o If you attended a previous term, grades and academic participation must be reviewed.

      o Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must be calculated.
  • Financial Aid Process
  • After you are admitted to Ensign College, GE Flex students will follow the same process as campus students.

    We recommend that you review the “Financial Aid Steps” tab on our main financial aid website to learn about the financial aid process at Ensign College.

  • Program Applicability
    • Ensign College’s Registration Office will review your enrollment for each term.
    • If it is determined that you are enrolled in a course that doesn’t apply to your declared Ensign College program, your federal aid may be adjusted.
    • You must be in at least 6 credits that directly relate to your program to be eligible for a Direct Loan.

  • Tuition Charges
  • BYU GE-Flex students will be responsible for paying tuition at both institutions (GE Flex and Ensign College) by the established deadlines.

    If your federal aid is delayed due to calendar differences (and grades waiting to be reviewed for the prior term), your classes will not be dropped for non-payment as long as you are eligible for federal aid with a valid FAFSA.

Frequently Asked Questions
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    After I sign the student acknowledgment, can I retroactively receive financial aid for the classes I have previously taken?
    Title IV aid (Pell grants and Direct Loans) can only be paid or disbursed for classes taken after you sign the written agreement.
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    Do I have to take classes at Ensign College to get financial aid?
    If you have signed the agreement, and the classes you are taking at BYU count toward the program you’ve declared at Ensign College, you can receive aid for those classes. You do not need to enroll in Ensign College courses every term.
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    Can I apply for Ensign College scholarships?

    Ensign College scholarships are available to cover Ensign College tuition. Students who enroll in only BYU courses will not have an Ensign College tuition balance. If you enroll in Ensign College courses, you can apply for and receive a campus scholarship if you meet the eligibility requirements. The minimum credit requirement for all campus scholarships must be Ensign College credits. The financial aid office will cancel the scholarship if a student lacks the required Ensign College credits.

    You can learn more about our scholarships and how many Ensign College credits you need by visiting our scholarship website .

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