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Student Health Plans

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Choose the Plan That’s Right for You.
All students who are enrolled at least 3/4 time (9 credit hours or more) as of the tuition deadline date must have adequate medical coverage. Enrollment in the Student Health Plan satisfies the College’s health plan requirement, as does enrollment in a group medical plan provided by the student’s employer or spouse’s or parent’s employer.


When you enroll in classes, you can provide your insurance preferences on the Insurance Questionnaire. If you don’t complete the questionnaire, you will be enrolled in the Student Health Plan automatically. All students (with at least 9 credits) will have a health plan charge posted to their student account.

  • If you answer "Yes" to the question in the Questionnaire, you will not be enrolled until that premium has been paid in full. Payments need to be made in full by the tuition deadline.
  • If you answer "No" on the Insurance Questionnaire, you will need to submit information about your insurance provider and policy ID number. The school will review this information for validity and post a health plan 'waiver' within the first few weeks of the semester. ( see the Choosing Your Own Health Plan? page for more information).
  • If you are enrolled in less than 9 credits, but are still interested in enrolling in the Student Health Plan, please visit the Cashier's Office on the 2nd floor to fill out a request form.


The Cashier's Office is here to help! Contact us at or 801-524-8153 with any further questions.

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.

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