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Welcome to the Institute of Religion.

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Education is not limited to the classroom or a campus. Every day, everywhere you go, you learn from people, experiences, books, advertisements and more. By developing a habit of learning both by study and faith—from searching textbooks to searching the scriptures—you will be prepared to understand what information is good, true and helpful as you continue to learn and grow. Institute provides a quiet place to strengthen yourself both personally and spiritually.

Another way to make new friends and share your testimony of the Savior is through music. The Ensign College Institute Choir is open to any student at Ensign College who wants to share meaningful experiences.
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“Friends will be made, the Spirit will be felt, and faith will be strengthened.”
President Thomas S. Monson


As you study in your chosen field, you’ll also participate in courses at the Institute of Religion. These classes are designed to help you build up your faith, fortify your integrity, and help you find happiness and peace in college and throughout your life.

All of our academic programs require religion credits for graduation. The table below outlines the courses offered. **Please note that some elective courses are not offered every semester. Read the Institute Policies for further information.** We recommend students take one religion course per semester. See all religion course descriptions.

Cornerstone Classes (Take 2) Elective Courses (Take 2)
Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel EC Choir
The Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon EC Voices (Audition Choir)
Foundations of the Restoration Book of Mormon
The Eternal Family New Testament
Scripture Study—Power of the Word
Old Testament
Doctrine & Covenants
Pearl of Great Price
Teachings of the Living Prophets
Latter-day Saint History


Please review our Institute Policies. For information about ecclesiastical endorsements, contact

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