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Intellectual Property

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Learn about the types, management and ownership of intellectual property.
All students are required to act in good faith in respecting the rights of copyright owners.
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Gain an understanding of the basics of Copyright law and how it applies to you.
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Resources for determining whether a work can be used freely as a part of public domain.
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Understand the Law of Fair use and the four factors used to determine whether it applies.
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Explore legal sources of online content.
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How to properly apply the TEACH act to the use of copyrighted materials.
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A step-by-step guide to determining if you should seek permission to use a copyrighted material.
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Determine when a talent release is needed to use an individual’s name, voice, or image.
hands holding out a blank paper
Review our permission chart to identify whether a release is needed.
All students are required to act in good faith in respecting the rights of trademark owners.
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Review approved Ensign College logos and details for use.
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Learn how claims of copyright, trademark, and privacy infringement are handled by the College.

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