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Internship Courses and Sequence

Check this list to see general semester recommendations for your internship based on your program at Ensign College.

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If you are in an AS or BAS degree program, you may start your internship once you've completed a related certificate. For AAS degree programs, your internship may commence once you've completed 50% of your core classes. *See the list below for semester recommendations.

Program Semester* Internship Class
Accounting  4th CAR 299/499
Business Management 4th CAR 299/499
Communication 4th CAR 299
Cybersecurity 9th IT 499/CAR 499
Digital Marketing 4th CAR 299
Program Semester* Internship Class
Any Completed Certificate 4th CAR 299
Program Semester* Internship Class
Applied Technology N/A N/A
Business Intelligence  5th CAR 299/499, IT 499
Business Management 4th CAR 299
Communication 4th CAR 299
Cybersecurity 5th CAR 299/499, IT 499
Information Technology 5th CAR 299/499, IT 499
Interior Design 5th ID 299
Network Engineering 5th CAR 299/499
Social Media Marketing 5th SM 299
Software Development 4th CS 499
Program Semester Internship class
Interior Design 2nd ID 199

* Recommended semester. Please consult your advisor for more information.

NOTE: These are general guidelines for students taking a full credit load. You should also refer to the academic catalog information for your program. To discuss your specific situation please schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor or Program Chair.

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