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Internship Services at EC2

Phone: 801-524-1925

The Ensign Center for Employer Connections (EC2) is located at the BYU Salt Lake Center 1st Floor, across from the Ensign College west entrance.
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What is an Internship?
Internships are required for all Ensign College students, in order to help prepare you for a successful career. You'll gain relevant work experience, apply skills and knowledge learned in your coursework, and gain exposure to jobs within your industry.
An Internship Must:
-Be related to your certificate or major
-Be approved by Career & Internship Services
-Be registered for credit (1, 2, or 3 credits)
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Internship Classes:
AS Degree Students: CAR 299
AAS Degree Students: Please contact your Program Chair if your major is: Cybersecurity, Interior Design, Paralegal Studies, or Applied Technology.
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Remote Internships:
For more information about a remote internship, please contact Ensign College Internship Coordinator: schedule an appointment here .
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The PBI program combines critical business principles and real-world experience to help prepare students for future success in their careers.

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