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LDS Business College assists students through scholarship funds

LDS Business College recently announced its decision to not accept federal funding from the CARES Act, which is aimed at helping students who may be experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coupled with that decision, however, is an effort by the College to provide private funding assistance to those same affected students.

Students enrolled in the Winter 2020 Semester as of March 13, 2020, were given an opportunity to apply for an emergency scholarship of up to $1,000. To date, 61% of applicants have received funding.

The money can be refunded directly to the student or can be used towards charges (or future charges) on their account.

LDS Business College plans to continue to give students an opportunity each semester to apply for emergency funds if they are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19.

Additionally, students may also apply for the new Ensign College M. Russell Ballard Scholarship, which is intended to recognize students who have demonstrated leadership and service characteristics as exemplified by M. Russell Ballard’s life and teachings.

Funds for this scholarship will become available beginning with the Fall 2020 Semester. To apply, students must write a short essay and receive two letters of recommendation.

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