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Brother Joseph Kerry: Beyond Communication Classes

In the pursuit of a fulfilling life, the power of deliberate choices cannot be underestimated. From time to time, we go into auto-pilot mode. We skip the key step of reflection that should guide every decision we make and just go through the motions, thinking too little about where we are going. Here is the truth: it is difficult to know where we are headed in life if we are not mindful of what we choose. For Brother Joseph Kerry, one of Ensign College’s full-time faculty members, finding success is all about being present and making deliberate choices. Guided by his genuine care for others, meet Brother Kerry, a dedicated mentor who believes that living with intentionality and purpose is the key to finding fulfillment in every aspect of life.

The Power of Service

Born in South Korea and raised in the United States, Brother Kerry learned from a young age about the importance of education. His career in law and public policy has been shaped by his desire to become a better person and find ways to give back to his community. As an instructor at Ensign College and a member of the Utah State Board of Education, Brother Kerry extends that same advice today to his students: “We have the best experiences when we are with others,” he says. “You need to ask yourself: how do I become a better member of this community? That is our responsibility toward our neighbors.” In the classroom, everyone can feel the impact of his words.

Helping students become capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ is the mission of Ensign College. With working professionals such as Brother Kerry displaying that mission statement in their belief systems and actions, students are encouraged to seek success through a lifelong journey of deliberate choices, professionalism, and dedicated service.

The Power of Faith

Ensign’s unique academic environment reminds us that we must always seek to learn “by study and by faith.” Brother Kerry testifies of that truth and highlights the importance of having a spiritual environment in the classroom. He recalls the many times he had to tailor the classes to his students’ needs and questions, and how being sensitive to spiritual revelation helps decide how to teach each class. In such an environment, students can practice applying the principle of revelation in their own lives. For both faculty and students, choosing to be intentional in the classroom and taking ownership over their learning process through faith and study can shape their experiences and help them thrive in life.

Since Brother Kerry started teaching at Ensign College in 2022, he has met many students who live by the principle of being deliberate with their decisions. Many students have already made the deliberate choice to come to Ensign because of its unique mission and spiritual environment. They know who they want to become. Brother Kerry believes in students’ potential and says, “The students in this college can go anywhere they want to go in life. One of my responsibilities is to help them understand and see what they can do.” He always emphasizes to his students that being deliberate in the classes they take will unlock their potential. Students who have an attitude set for learning and want to master each assignment have already made the deliberate choice to do their best and aim for extraordinary results. That attitude is what will help them walk the path to success in every aspect of life.

The Power of Diversity

Brother Kerry reminds us that diversity is one of the greatest advantages for students at Ensign College. “It enhances the classroom experience. You have all these different perspectives to work with,” he says. When students look at assignments and real-life situations through various cultural lenses, they develop a more globalized mindset that will help them become more engaged citizens and better-prepared professionals. Those are the kind of experiences that, if chosen, can shape your life and help you break down barriers.

Brother Kerry's teachings echo the unique mission of Ensign College - a mission that thrives on intentionality, faith, and an unwavering commitment to provide our students with a brighter future. As a member of the Ensign family, you can embrace a more intentional life equipped with the tools and mindset to make deliberate choices that will lead you to fulfillment in both your personal and professional endeavors. Decide today where you want life to take you, and together, let's shape a future filled with purpose and possibilities.

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