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Collaboration With BYU Brings FlexGE Students into Ensign College Community

Ensign College is excited to announce its new collaboration with BYU Continuing Education. This exciting opportunity will allow BYU FlexGE students to take classes at both Ensign College and BYU.

BYU FlexGE students will be able to enroll and matriculate into Ensign College, making them eligible to apply for financial aid. Because FlexGE students attend BYU classes for transferrable credit, but aren't matriculated into the university, this new collaboration will equip students with more resources to fund their education.

President Bruce C. Kusch of Ensign College expressed that he has "confidence that this collaboration with BYU Continuing Education will facilitate FlexGE students’ desires to pursue their educational goals with a marketable degree from Ensign College that will prepare them well for employment or further studies at BYU or other schools.”

This opportunity offers several benefits to participating BYU FlexGE students, including:

  • Eligibility to apply for federal financial aid and scholarships through Ensign College
  • Access to courses that provide students with real-world skills and experience so they can gain better employment to fund further education
  • The ability to continue on at Ensign College and earn a certificate, associate degree or bachelor's degree
  • Credits earned from both BYU and Ensign College courses can be applied to complete a degree from Ensign College

To learn more about this exciting opportunity and begin academic planning to participate, visit:

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