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Ensign College Assists Students Through Scholarship Funds

So, let’s talk about college education. It’s no secret that most people nowadays seek a degree to achieve their professional goals and work in their dream jobs. The world is getting more and more competitive, and you want to be part of the game. However, college can be expensive, and without any financial relief it can be a bigger challenge to overcome than you anticipated. Ensign College is committed to making education as accessible as possible. We are ready to help you navigate the path to success by offering scholarships designed to meet your needs. Say goodbye to high student debt and financial worries and hello to a world of possibilities.


Whether you are an incoming or current student, you can apply for many different scholarships. If you had a good GPA in high school or in college, are a single parent, have a knack for leadership, or fit any other scholarship criteria, there’s an option for you at Ensign College. Be sure to check our website and learn more about the scholarships Ensign College offers . Once you are enrolled, the Scholarship Universe will show you all the scholarships you qualify for.

Incoming Students

Many Ensign College students are happy to share how they have been blessed through a scholarship. Mariel Lopez, for example, is a Digital Marketing student who transferred to Ensign in 2020. Because she served as a missionary for the Church, she was awarded the Returned Missionary Scholarship in her first semester here. “This scholarship was truly a blessing for me;” she says. “I arrived here in January 2020, and just 3 months later the pandemic hit. Everything shut down, including jobs. With the scholarship, I was able to save money and buy the necessary items to prepare myself for any unexpected incidents.”

Current Students

Current students are also eligible for various scholarships. After your first semester, you can apply for different scholarships related to your performance as an Ensign student. That’s what happened to Camila Caraveo, a Communications student. She was trying her best to find ways to ease the financial burden her third semester would be in Fall 2022. After learning about the Program Excellence Scholarship from a classmate who saw her potential, she applied and was selected to be awarded 25% of the Church-member tuition. About that scholarship, she says: “It felt like a special gift from God, showing me that everything happens for a reason. When I was going through tough times and didn't know what to do, this scholarship gave me comfort and confidence that I am not alone and that there's a bigger plan guiding me.”

Here at Ensign College, you can find a sense of belonging and all the support you need to achieve your dreams. Our scholarships are funded by generous donors who know how much we value education and how many students can be blessed with a little assistance.

Scholarships ensure that education remains accessible, but it goes way beyond that. They provide students with the chance to thrive academically and personally. Mariel’s and Camila’s stories represent many of our students’ journeys. Your story can be just as transformative. Explore the various scholarships available and take that important step towards realizing your educational and career aspirations. Your story at Ensign College is waiting to be written, and with the assistance of scholarships, it is bound to be a tale of success.

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