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Pathway Scholarship

Who is Eligible

The Pathway Scholarship is available to incoming Ensign College students who complete BYU-Pathway's standard version of the PathwayConnect program in the United States with a GPA of 3.0 and higher. You must be admitted to Ensign College as a “PathwayConnect” student to be eligible.

This scholarship enables you to continue paying the U.S. PathwayConnect rate as you attend Ensign College. You aren't required to attend full-time - the amount will be prorated based upon your credits enrolled. Once you have applied and met the scholarship requirements, you'll receive an updated Admissions letter indicating that you are eligible.

You can apply to Ensign College before completing the program. Ensign College will verify PathwayConnect completion before the beginning of the semester you wish to start. PathwayConnect students will automatically be awarded the scholarship when they are enrolled for the term as long as they meet the minimum GPA, Pace and Maximum Time Frame requirements mentioned in the Scholarship Policy .

Students must meet all other eligibility requirements mentioned in the Ensign College Scholarship Policy .

Pathway Scholarship recipients will not be eligible for any other scholarship except for the Program Excellence and Service & Leadership since those two scholarships are considered “stackable.” If a student wants to be considered for other scholarships that may be a higher dollar amount than the Pathway Scholarship, they can request to be removed from the PathwayConnect group. This must be done by speaking with Enrollment Services, and if a student is removed from the Pathway scholarship group, they will not be eligible for that scholarship again.

Award Amount

Eligible students will be awarded a scholarship allowing them to pay the current U.S. PathwayConnect rate for tuition charges.

Award AmountTuition minus current PathwayConnect rateTuition minus current PathwayConnect rate
Min. GPA3.0 (Pathway)2.0
Awarding CriteriaCompleted U.S. PathwayConnect and admitted as a PathwayConnect studentCompleted U.S. PathwayConnect
DurationEntire duration of enrollmentEntire duration of enrollment
Budget ConstrainedNoNo
Required EnrollmentStudents do not need to be full-time - scholarship will be proratedStudents do not need to be full-time - scholarship will be prorated
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