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Who Is Eligible?

The Pathway Scholarship is available to new/incoming Ensign College students who complete BYU-Pathway’s standard version of the PathwayConnect program in the United States with a GPA of 3.0 and higher. Eligible students must report their PathwayConnect credits in the Ensign College admissions application and provide proof that they completed the program before attending Ensign College. Students must be admitted to Ensign College as newly admitted on-campus “PathwayConnect” students.

Students must meet all other eligibility requirements mentioned in the Ensign College Scholarship Policy .

Award Amount

Tuition minus the current PathwayConnect U.S. tuition rate ( click here to see the rates for the current academic year ).

Ultimately, students will pay the current Pathway US rate per enrolled credit.


Renewable as long as the student meets all other scholarship eligibility requirements.


Admissions deadline – see Academic Calendar for dates.

Required Enrollment

Available for full or part-time students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How can I apply for this scholarship?
    Eligible students do not need to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship office will automatically award this scholarship to students who meet the eligibility requirements.

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    How does the school determine Pathway Scholarship eligibility?
    Students must report their PathwayConnect credits in the Ensign College admissions application and provide proof that they completed the program before attending Ensign College. Once you have applied and met the scholarship requirements, you will receive an updated Admissions letter indicating eligibility.

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    I’m a previous Ensign College student and just completed PathwayConnect. Can I receive the scholarship?
    This scholarship is available to new students. Eligible students must be new to Ensign College after completing the PathwayConnect standard program in the United States.

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    Will this scholarship adjust if I add or drop classes?
    Yes. The scholarship office will adjust this scholarship based on changes to the student’s schedule until the FAD (Financial Aid Census Date). Click here to see that date for each term .
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    Can Pathway Scholarship recipients get other institutional scholarships?
    Students receiving this scholarship can only receive the Program Excellence Scholarship and the Service & Leadership Scholarship (not advertised online). Both these scholarships are available for Pathway Scholarship recipients as a “stackable” scholarship – which means you can have both simultaneously.

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    If I’m in PathwayConnect right now, do I need to wait to apply to the college until I’ve completed the program?
    You can apply to Ensign College before completing the program. Ensign College will verify PathwayConnect completion before beginning the semester you wish to start. Be sure to send updated transcripts once you have completed your Pathway certificate.
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    What if a Pathway Scholarship recipient would prefer to get a different campus scholarship, instead of the Pathway Scholarship?
    If a student wants other institutional scholarships that may be a higher dollar amount than the Pathway Scholarship, they can request removal from the PathwayConnect group. To do this, students must speak with Enrollment Services by calling 801-524-8145. If a student requests removal from the Pathway scholarship group, they will not be eligible for that scholarship again. The scholarship office recommends this option for students who are single parents.

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