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Transfer Evaluation

Considering transferring to or from Ensign College? Learn about how the College manages test and transfer credit.

TRANSFER TO Ensign College

Did you take concurrent enrollment in high school or are you transferring to Ensign College? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Official transcripts from all colleges or universities should be sent to Ensign College.
  2. Once you are admitted to Ensign College, transfer credit from your transcripts will be evaluated.
  3. If a course didn’t transfer as expected, you can complete the Transfer Credit Request form and attach a course description for another review.
  4. International college credits are transferred as general elective credits (up to 30 general elective credits) at the initial evaluation. To request additional transfer credit evaluations for specific courses, please complete the Transfer Course Evaluation Form and attach a course description or syllabus translated into English.

Online Transfer Guide

The Ensign College Online Transfer Guide will help you determine how your courses will transfer to Ensign College. Some things to remember about the transfer guide:

  • You can search for a specific institution or class by clicking the search button. Each of the columns can be sorted by clicking the column header.
  • If the transfer guide doesn't have the class or school you're looking for, we likely haven't evaluated that course before. You are welcome to  submit a transfer course evaluation request  to have that course evaluated. 
  • This guide is an unofficial evaluation, and final articulation decisions are made after we have received your official school transcripts. 

View Transfer Guide

Transfer From Ensign College

An Ensign College Associate of Science degree is transferrable to other Church Education System (CES) schools and Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) schools.

If you are transferring from Ensign College to another school, you can request your official Ensign College transcript to be sent by visiting our Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications page . You can find more information about how individual Ensign College courses will transfer to CES and USHE schools by clicking the name of the school below:     

Articulation Agreement Schools

Columbia College – Columbia, MO

Ensign College-Policy-Icon-1.svg
Ensign College generally accepts college-level transfer credits from regionally-accredited colleges and universities. Courses from institutions that are not regionally-accredited are generally not transferable to Ensign College except in circumstances where there is an articulation agreement with a specific institution and program.

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Test credit includes Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), course challenge examinations, and industry certifications.

  • Please send official score reports or official transcripts with scores to the Registration Office.
  • Credit will be awarded as follows:

Advanced Placement (AP)

High school students may earn Ensign College credit by scoring 3 or higher on Advanced Placement tests.

View Advanced Placement Credit Table

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

If you have taken IB courses, Ensign College will award credit for scores of 5, 6, or 7 on IB exams. Specific IB credit is assessed and awarded on a case-by-case basis. You may fill out the Transfer Course Evaluation form to prompt a review of your credit.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Specific CLEP credit is assessed and awarded on a case-by-case basis. You may fill out the Transfer Course Evaluation form to prompt a review of your credit.

Industry Certifications

Specific credit earned by industry certifications is assessed and awarded on a case-by-case basis. You may fill out the Transfer Course Evaluation form to prompt a review of your credit.

Experiential Living

Credit is not given for experiential learning.
Ensign College-Policy-Icon-1.svg
Students may earn a maximum of 75% of the credit required for a credential from Ensign College by transfer credit and credit by examination.

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Full Disclosure of Transfer Schools

Failure to submit official transcripts to Ensign College from all institutions you have or are currently attending, both U.S. and international, may result in disciplinary action. This may include dismissal from Ensign College.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are transcripts mailed in a sealed envelope from the institution or through a secured electronic transmission. Ensign College cannot evaluate transcripts submitted via any method deemed unsecure by the College.

FlexGE Students Transferring BYU Credit


Ensign College will accept nine (9) credit hours of elective credit and six (6) credit hours of religion from your PathwayConnect experience. Ensign College’s partnership with PathwayConnect provides a wide range of educational and career options.

You may complete any degree or certificate provided by Ensign College, including the Applied Technology - Associate of Science degree or the Associate Science of Integrated Studies. These degrees accommodate Pathway students who want to transfer to BYU-Idaho or other four-year institutions. If you want a more direct career route, choose from any Ensign College certificate program to gain skills that will lead to immediate employment opportunities.

PathwayConnect Course Ensign College Transfer Guide
GS 120: Pathway Life Skills Elective credit (3)
GS 120L: Pathway English & Life Skills Elective credit (3)
MATH 100G: Personal Finance Elective credit (3)
MATH 100L: English Language and Personal Finance Elective credit (3)
ENG 106: Basic Writing Elective credit (3)
ENG 106L: English Language and Basic Writing Elective credit (3)
FDREL 275: Teachings & Doctrine of the Book of Mormon Cornerstone Religion, but not College Religion Residency Hours
FDREL 250: Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel Cornerstone Religion, but not College Religion Residency Hours
FDREL 200: The Eternal Family Cornerstone Religion, but not College Religion Residency Hours
PC 101: Life Skills, PC 102: Professional Skills, PC 103: University Skills CAR 101: College Success

PathwayConnect students are encouraged to contact the Student Success Center at 801-524-8151 with any questions.


Your transcripts from institutions outside the United States may be given credit at Ensign College on a case-by-case basis. Transfer credit will be considered when a translation/evaluation is submitted from one of the two approved translation services listed below. You should request that the evaluation service send the detail report directly to Ensign College. You'll also need to provide the College with an official copy of your transcripts from the institution you attended.

International Education Research Foundations, Inc. SpanTran: TEC

P.O. Box 3665

Culver City, CA 90231-3665

Phone: (310) 258-9451


Must request a “Detail Report”

450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 804

New York, NY 10123

Phone: (646) 475-2570

SpanTran Application

Apply for a course analysis

To request transfer credit from an international college, please complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation form .

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Transferring Religion Credit
Religion Credit from BYU, BYU-I and BYU-Hawaii

Religion credit earned at other Church schools can be transferred to Ensign College as an equivalent religion course or elective credit. The course must have been taken for credit and credit noted on an official transcript.

Institute of Religion Courses

Religion credit earned at Church Education System (CES) Institutes of Religion can be transferred to Ensign College as an equivalent religion course or elective credit. The course must have been taken for “Church University” or “BYU” credit and credit noted on your official Institute transcript. However, qualifying Religion credits taken from CES Institutes of Religion do not count as residency religion requirements.

Religion Credit from Other Universities

Coursework in religious studies from any institution other than a Church school or Institute of Religion cannot be applied towards Ensign College religion requirements.


The reverse transfer process is intended for those that did not graduate from Ensign College and are no longer eligible to enroll, but wish to transfer courses from another college or university and complete their Ensign College degree. Follow the steps below for a review of your record to determine if you are eligible to apply for graduation:

  1. Complete the Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement form
  2. Fill out the Reverse Transfer Request form and upload completed Continuing Student Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  3. Send official transcripts to Ensign College

Once all documents have been received, you will be notified within 2 weeks of your eligibility to apply for graduation. If you are approved, you will need to apply for graduation and meet all graduation requirements. Please note that all transfer and graduation policies apply, and degrees are awarded 2-8 weeks after the current term ends.

Questions? Email

Policy: Transfer and Reverse Transfer

Policy: Graduation


The Records and Registration office is here to help you with questions about registration, transcripts and class schedules. Our hours are Monday and Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Feel free to contact us at or 801-524-8140 .

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.

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