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Why Study Digital Content Creation

In the last decade, Digital Content Creation has become one of the most important and powerful tools businesses use to market their services and products. Social media platforms have changed the game in how businesses interact with their customers. According to the analytics tool SimilarWeb, platforms like Facebook and YouTube alone get around 40 billion visits per month. Just in 2020, U.S. companies have spent a total of $40 billion on social media ads (Statista, 2020). The industry is abundant, so the real question is: “Will a certificate in Digital Content Creation from Ensign College meet the expectations employers have when looking to market their company?”

About the Certificate
Ensign College applies “Deep Learning” as a practice into every course and certificate at the College. The outcome of this means that every student will get a deeper understanding of how to apply the skills learned in every course. The certificate focuses on developing digital content in the form of graphic design, photography, video and audio production, web and mobile media, writing, portfolio development, and more using content creation tools and equipment.

Some career paths that will be relevant after completing this certificate may be:

  • Content Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Production Specialist
Daniel Lemos

Experience from a fellow student:

“The Digital Content Creation certificate is perfect for those who love photography, videography, audio, design and writing. Companies around the world are in need of good digital content for their social media and other platforms on the internet. During the study of this certificate, students learn skills that will help them meet this market demand.”

- Daniel Lemos - Professional Digital Content Creator

For more information on the Digital Content Creation certificate, visit

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