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Data Science

Associate Degree
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Hone your ability to extract and analyze the patterns in raw data to predict future trends with a degree in Data Science.

Wouldn't it be cool to single-handedly solve problems using secrets hidden in data? With an Associate of Applied Science degree in Data Science from Ensign College, you become the Sherlock Holmes of information. Companies worldwide seek experts who can weave through data intricacies to forecast market trends. As a data analyst, you hold the key to unlock these dynamic tools. Develop the in-demand skills to not only meet the data-mining needs of today, but catapult you into the future of success in the ever-evolving field of Data Science.

Job Outlook

  • $103.5K

    Median annual wage for data scientists as of May 2022.

  • 35%

    Projected job growth in data scientist occupations from 2022 to 2032.

  • #3

    Bureau of Labor and Statistics' ranking for Data Scientists in their list of "20 Fastest Growing Occupations."

    • Did You know?

      Data scientists have ranked in the top three of Glassdoor's "50 Best Jobs in America" since 2016?

    Program Overview

    Excel in a world driven by data.

    Pursuing a 2-year degree in Data Science, you will learn a lot about statistics and data warehousing so you can program, analyze, and understand data for businesses. The program's core requirement classes lay a solid foundation in computer science and IT. Combined with college fundamental courses, your AAS in data science will prepare you to build your career in the field. You'll also study fundamental programming languages and develop teamwork and communication skills that will give you an edge over your competition in the job market.

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    Data Science is available as an associate of applied science degree program.

    Data Scientist

    Data scientists initiate projects by collecting data using surveys, databases, or web-scraping tools. In this career, you'll refine raw datasets for analysis, developing machine learning algorithms and models to classify, predict, and validate accuracy with updated data. Using visualization software, you'll present findings through charts and graphics for clear communication. If you specialize in coding or business strategy, you'll be able to decode complexities to provide actionable insights. Whether enhancing web functions or refining sales strategies, you'll play a pivotal role in transforming raw data into informed decisions. Average salary in the US as of May 2022: $103,500. ( BLS )

    Database Administrator

    As a Database Administrator, you’ll become the steward of data, designing and maintaining databases that power organizations. Get involved with the intricacies of data architecture, optimization, and security protocols. Your role involves ensuring effective data access, integrity, and recovery, making you an essential piece in companies’ decision-making processes. The excitement of this field of work lies in sculpting efficient, scalable databases that drive innovation. Average salary in the US as of May 2022: $112,120. ( BLS )

    Financial Analyst

    Financial analysts play a pivotal role in guiding investment decisions by evaluating current and historical financial data, studying economic trends, and assessing a company's value. As a professional in this field, you'll recommend individual investments, develop strategies for institutional investors, and advise financial services sales agents. You'll also analyze risks, make investment decisions, and contribute to the overall performance of investment portfolios. Average salary in the US as of May 2022: $96,220. ( BLS )

    Become goal-oriented, with unusual industry-specific information and communication skills that enable you to communicate excellent technical outcomes to non-technical associates across an organization.

    Upon completion of the program, successful graduates are expected to:

    • Communicate efficiently in a variety of modes and contexts
    • Comprehend and critically think to solve problems in real-world circumstances
    • Formulate and use relevant data analysis models to uncover hidden answers to organizational challenges
    • Demonstrate proficiency with data mining, data modeling, statistical analysis, and data warehouse architecture for decision making
    • Develop pertinent programming capabilities
    • Undertake data science activities according to policy, privacy, security, and ethical considerations.

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    You’ll also leave here with the skills to communicate effectively, articulate your career preparation confidently, and collaborate with others meaningfully. And in all things, we’ll help you work toward becoming a capable and trusted disciple of Jesus Christ. So whatever you do, you’ll be prepared to be the best you possible.

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