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Opportunity Scholarship

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The Opportunity Scholarship is a state program that encourages students to complete advanced courses in high school to prepare academically for college. Students must apply for this scholarship during their senior year of high school.

  • Eligibility

  • Recipients must
    • Graduate from a Utah high school,
    • Meet all academic requirements listed on the Opportunity Scholarship website,
    • Complete a FAFSA,
    • Apply and meet all deadlines,
    • Enroll or obtain approved deferment at an eligible school starting the fall semester immediately after high school graduation. (Ensign College is an eligible institution)
    • Must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits).

  • Award Amount/Duration
  • The amount can help cover the cost of tuition and fees after state aid is applied -with a maximum award amount set annually.

    The scholarship may be awarded up to four semesters subject to meeting renewal requirements.
  • How to Apply
  • Students must apply during their senior year of high school.

    Students cannot apply for this scholarship while attending Ensign College.

  • Have Questions?
  • We recommend you visit for more information and to learn how to contact the state scholarship team if you have questions.

  • Continued Eligibility
    • Scholarship eligibility expires 5 years from high school graduation for all students.
    • Student must maintain enrollment at an eligible campus or receive an approved deferment or leave of absence.
    • Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to remain in good standing.
    • If a student doesn’t meet a minimum GPA requirement, they will be placed on probation and still be eligible to receive funds.
    • If they fail to meet the GPA requirement at the time of the second award disbursement, they will no longer be eligible to receive funds in the future.

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