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Step #2: Check Your College Email

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Checking your Ensign College email is crucial to receiving your financial aid.

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  • Checking Your Ensign College Email
  • To check your Ensign College email:

    1. Go to
    2. When prompted, enter your Church username and password.
    3. If you have any issues accessing your email, contact the Ensign College Help Desk at 801-524-8119.
  • All Official Notifications
  • The financial aid office will send all communications to your Ensign College email, and we recommend students check this email often to avoid missing important messages from the school. Texting is also an option for some communications if a student “opts in” in the Financial Aid Forms Portal.

    Emails include important information such as instructions on next steps, or your financial aid offer.
  • If You Need to Email Us...
  • All email correspondence between Ensign College students and our office must be done via your student email address. We follow this practice to ensure that we're following FERPA laws —which protect you and your information.

Frequently Asked Questions
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    I submitted my FAFSA but haven’t received an email. Should I be worried?
    If you have submitted a FAFSA for a school year that begins in the fall of the following calendar year, the financial aid office may not yet be working on financial aid for that year. We recommend you wait until sometime in the spring to look for those notifications to begin.
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    I submitted everything, but I keep getting emails reminding me to do something. Should I ignore it?
    We recommend following through with any instruction received in an email. There might be something that you missed. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions.

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.

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