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Step #3: Submit Required Documents

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Some students may need to submit documents before the financial aid office can process their financial aid offers. We recommend you submit the required documents early to ensure the financial aid office has enough time to get your aid processed as soon as possible.

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  • Check Your MyEnsign “To Do” List
  • Campus StudentsPathway Online Students
    1. Log in to MyEnsign.
    2. Navigate to your Student Center.
    3. View the “To Do List” on the right-hand side of the screen.
    4. Select each item to see instructions.
    1. Log in to MyEnsign
    2. Navigate to Self Service> Campus Personal Information> To Do List
    3. Select each item to see instructions.

  • Completing Tasks
    • Your “To Do List” may direct you to create an account or log in to the financial aid forms portal to complete certain tasks.
    • Documents can be submitted with e-signatures.
    • Financial aid students can do their financial aid submission 100% virtually.

  • Ensign College Needs Your SSN
    • If you have a "To Do List” item asking for your Social Security Number (SSN), you will need to fill out a form to have your SSN added to Ensign College’s records.
    • This is required before any financial aid can be processed.
    • To submit your SSN request, visit and click the “+” next to Registration Office Forms.
    • Fill out the Change of Personal Information form – electronic submission is available!
  • Did You Get My Documents?
  • Once you submit documentation, it may take a few business days to be processed. During that time, your tasks and checklists may still show as initiated; however, they will be updated as soon as your documentation has been reviewed.

    Keep an eye on your “To Do List” or in your Forms Portal, and the tasks will disappear once they have been addressed.

  • Selected for Verification?
  • Some students are selected for a process called verification. Visit the FAFSA Verification Information page for more information about this process.
Frequently Asked Questions
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    I just finished submitting documents to Ensign College. How long does it take for the financial aid office to review it?
    Please give the financial aid office approximately 3-5 business days to review what was submitted. We will contact you if we need anything else.

    Once the review has taken place, your “To Do List” items will be marked complete and no longer visible. Checking the “To Do List” is the best way to verify that your submission is complete.
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    I submitted everything, but I keep getting emails reminding me to do something. Should I ignore it?
    We recommend following through with any instruction received in an email. There might be something that you missed. Feel free to contact our office if you have questions.
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    I have completed all my “To Do List” items and haven’t heard anything about my aid. What should I do?
    If you have completed all your tasks and “To Do List” items, your federal aid should be offered within 1-2 weeks. If it has been more than two weeks since you submitted everything, and you haven’t received any notifications from our office, please contact us.
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    I don’t have any “To Do List” items. What should I do?
    If you don’t have any “To Do List” items, you will receive an email with your financial aid offer within 1-2 weeks of submitting your FAFSA. Please contact our office if you have not heard anything after two weeks.

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