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Step #4: View Your Financial Aid Awards

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When your financial aid offer is ready to view, you will receive an email to your Ensign email.

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  • View Financial Aid Awards
  • Campus Students Pathway Online Students
    1. Log in to MyEnsign.
    2. Navigate to your Student Center.
    3. Select “View Financial Aid”.
    1. Log in to MyEnsign.
    2. Navigate to Self Service> Campus Finances> View Financial Aid.

    If you experience issues logging into MyEnsign, contact the Helpdesk at or 801-524-8119.

    For more information about your offered federal awards, we recommend you visit the "Types of Aid Available" tab on our financial aid website.
  • Accept/Decline Awards
  • You are not required to accept the full amount of loans offered. Feel free to accept only what you need.

    If you were offered a Pell Grant, you do not need to accept it.

    To accept your loan:
    • Log in to MyEnsign.
    • Navigate to Self Service> Campus Finances> Accept/Decline Awards.

  • Report Outside Assistance
  • You will need to report if you are receiving educational assistance such as scholarships or grants from a source other than federal aid or Ensign College.

    According to federal regulations, the financial aid office may need to adjust your federal awards if changes in your eligibility occur due to the receipt of an additional resource.

    To report assistance received:
    • Log in to MyEnsign.
    • Navigate to Self Service> Campus Finances> Report Aid from Other Sources.
    • Fill out and submit the form.
  • Authorize Charges
  • If you want your financial aid to pay for any other charges besides tuition you must authorize it. These charges may include the health plan (campus students only), course content charges, etc. 

    To authorize charges:
    • Log in to MyEnsign.
    • Navigate to Self Service> Campus Finances> View Student Permissions.
    • You can choose to authorize or not authorize charges.

    If you choose not to authorize charges, paying for charges (other than tuition) will be your responsibility. Failure to pay the remaining charges will affect future term enrollment.
Frequently Asked Questions
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    How many credits do I need to get a Direct Loan?
    Students must be in at least six credits (half-time) to be eligible for a loan.
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    Why don’t I see my Spring semester aid?
    Spring semester aid is awarded separately from fall and winter aid. It will be awarded after the school year begins.

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