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Ensign College Interior Design Student Wins Competition

Interior Design student Emily Roberts has big aspirations for her life. As this year's winner of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Wilsonart Essay Competition , she has taken a big step toward achieving those aspirations.

As an engaged student at Ensign College, Emily learned about IIDA. She signed up for their Student Mentoring Program to enhance her learning process. Emily was then paired with an interior designer based in Salt Lake City. She spent a day with him learning valuable insights for her career.

Emily shared some takeaways from her experience in her competition-winning essay. Her prizes include $1000 and roundtrip airfare and a two-night hotel stay in Chicago during the 2023 NeoCon. Emily has also gained valuable exposure and is now expanding her network in her career field. To Emily, that means she has received an immeasurable experience.

Emily has long been interested in interior design. After graduating from college years ago, she decided to dedicate herself full time to her family. Over the years, they have lived in several states across the country. Emily loved remodeling their houses and thus making them more functional and beautiful spaces for her family. Now that her kids are older, she has decided to pursue that great design passion through a degree in Interior Design. Emily has found success at Ensign College, where she has been studying since 2022.

Emily hopes to one day work in the interior design of Church temples. About the Interior Design field, Emily said, “It’s a service industry - we are serving people.” She appreciates each opportunity to serve others by enhancing their daily life experience.

The IIDA Academic Association at Ensign College led Emily to seek higher opportunities. You can also visit the IIDA Intermountain Chapter page and explore what's available for you. Find new ways to apply the knowledge you receive at Ensign College and increase your value in the job market.

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