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Turn Mission Skills into Job Skills

Ensign College offers three unique certificates designed for students who have served missions, in the military, or in the Peace Corps or similar humanitarian services. These certificates help returned missionaries turn their experiences into job skills. We talked to Sister Jennifer E. Warnas, program chair for these certificates and other business programs, to learn more.

According to Sister Warnas, these three certificates are for students who have already done a lot of work before coming to school. She says, "Our students have done much during their missions, like leadership and service. These certificates help them show that to future employers."

  • Professional Leadership and Service : This certificate empowers return missionaries to articulate their mission experiences comprehensibly to employers. For instance, returned missionaries learn to draw parallels between mission tasks, such as problem-solving and conflict resolution, and their applicability in professional settings. Students examine their mission experiences by creating a portfolio divided into details relevant to potential employers.
  • Public Relations and Customer Service : Similar to the Professional Leadership certificate, students begin by creating a portfolio to showcase their mission experiences. However, students then have the flexibility to choose classes that align with their career goals.
  • Business Language : This certificate is designed for students who have acquired proficiency in a non-native language during their mission. This certificate acknowledges linguistic abilities developed during missions and equips students with business-specific vocabulary and terminology in the student's chosen language, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin.

Sister Warnas adds, "We want returned missionaries to feel proud of what they did on their mission. These certificates help them show that they learned important skills that can help them in their future careers."

Here are some of the eligibility requirements for these programs:

  • Students in all areas of study are eligible for these certificates, not just business students.
  • Students must have completed their service no more than 7 to 9 years before starting the program. Exceptions can be made based on the relevance of skills and experiences.
  • Each candidate undergoes a thorough evaluation to determine their suitability for the program.

Interested? Contact Sister Warnas or talk to your advisor today!

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