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Should I study Hospitality and Tourism Management?

Tourism has had a downturn of nearly 70% in the first three quarters of 2020. (World Tourism Organization, 2020). Will a certificate in "Hospitality and Tourism Management" provide a stable and secure job in the future?

Even though tourism is not one of the hottest topics of discussion during these times, the future looks bright and promising. The United Nations World Tourism Organization predicts that over one-fifth of the world population will be actively traveling around the world by 2030 (UN News, 2017).

Ensign College Business Management Program Chair Brent Andrus added his comments on the future of Tourism:

"The Hospitality and Tourism Management certificate is new to Ensign College this semester. Hospitality and Tourism is a very dynamic industry with lots of opportunity for growth and career advancement.

"Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Utah's national parks saw record visits this past summer. Large hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton continue to expand their diverse hotel offerings, including new facilities here in Utah. Though convention bookings are down, there are new convention centers in various stages of development.

"Even though international travel is restricted, there is still much happening here in the United States. Florida theme parks are open; sporting events are all in operation; people are still accessing their favorite restaurants for takeout and limited dining in.

"We anticipate a huge pent up demand for travel once we emerge from the pandemic. Preparation now to join this normally vibrant industry will put our students at the forefront of that pent-up demand when the pandemic ends.

"This certificate is especially useful to international students desiring to join the industry in their home countries. A degree or certificate from an accredited institution here in the United States, along with their acquired proficiency in English, places them in any desired position in their home countries."

You might be wondering: What doors will a certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management open? The following career paths are where this certificate can take you:

Career opportunities for accommodations
● Front Desk & Room Manager
● Director of Operations
● Food & Beverages Manager
● Director of Maintenance
● Director of Sales & Marketing
● Booking Supervisor
● Shift Supervisor
● Entertainment Staff Manager

Career opportunities for food service
● Shift Manager
● Catering Manager
● Kitchen Manager
● Executive Chef

Register now for the Winter 2021 Semester to begin your Hospitality and Tourism Management certificate!

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