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Streamlined Admissions application launched

Ensign College officially announced Wednesday the launch of a new, streamlined Admissions application for prospective students.

The new application includes a variety of new features that are aimed at making the admissions process at the College easier than ever before.

New features and other improvements include the following:

  • The ability to easily track advancement through the system with a progress bar. Helpful instructions are also provided along the way.
  • A communications plan which allows applicants to receive emails when the application is started and submitted, when transcripts are processed, deadlines reminders, etc.
  • The ability to "submit" an application after finishing the application section, prior to adding documentation. Once endorsement interviews are complete and all other documentation is submitted, applications will show as “complete” and will automatically be sent to the Admissions Office for review.
  • Ensign College branded:
    • Previously, applicants were required to log into the Shared Application by logging into a BYU sign-on page. Now, applicants will sign in and authenticate using their Church account. If an applicant does not have a Church account, they will be directed to the Church's website to create a free account. After an applicant logs in, they will be taken straight to the Ensign College application.
    • There will be a link in the shared application that will take students to our application.

Applicants can begin to use the new application immediately by heading to the College’s How to Apply webpage .

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