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Student Engagement and Leadership

Getting involved at Ensign College creates opportunities for students to forge lasting connections with peers, cultivate a campus culture of discipleship, share talents and skills, and develop as disciple-leaders.


The Student Success Center is here to help! You can find us on the 9th floor in the Student Success Center. Or, contact us with any further questions at or by connecting with us on Instagram at @ensign_studentactivities.

  • group of students circled together
    Learn more about activities you can get involved in at Ensign College.
  • Group project
    Join peers in their mission to represent student voices and develop the culture of Ensign College.
  • Select employers are invited to participate in the academic program advisory board
    Learn more about forming and joining voluntary organizations to pursue common academic and professional interests.
  • peer mentor2.jpg
    Consider connecting with or becoming a peer mentor at Ensign College.

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