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Advising FAQ

Read below to find instructions on how to utilize and navigate various campus tools and resources.

Q: What is a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree?

A: The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree is generally more career-oriented and focuses less on the general education course requirements of other four-year degrees including the Bachelor of Science Degree. The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is offered as a focused approach to give the student real-world skills and applicable concepts geared toward their specific chosen career path. It is often offered to those who already have a two-year Associate Degree and require the technical knowledge and practical skills for advancement in a particular discipline within a chosen field.

Q: What is the difference between an Associate of Science Degree (AS) and an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)?

A: An AS is a degree in general education. This degree is designed to transfer to other four year universities to fulfill their general education requirements as part of a bachelor’s degree program. An AAS is designed to immerse the student in the subject matter in which they are studying. As such, this degree is not designed to transfer to a bachelor’s program, but certain classes taken as part of the AAS may transfer to a four year bachelor’s degree program. To know what those classes are, you would need to speak to the receiving institution as they decide which classes to accept or deny. More information about degrees and certificates, please click here .

Q: If I am enrolled in the AS, do I have to enroll in a certificate as well?

A: Yes, in order to enroll in the Associate of Science, at least one certificate is required.

Q: If I’m an International Student, can I take just a Certificate?

A: International Students are required to enroll in a degree program by the Federal Government. A stand-alone certificate does not fulfill the Federal Government’s requirement for International Students to be enrolled in a degree program. Certificates must be accompanied by an AS or AAS to be considered a degree program. Domestic students are permitted to enroll in a stand-alone certificate, however, not all stand-alone certificates are eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Please speak with the International Office ( ) and Financial Aid Office ( ) for any questions regarding these issues.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment with my Success Advisor?

A: There are three ways to go about scheduling an appointment with your advisor:

1) You can call the front desk at (801) 524-1995 and ask to schedule an appointment with your Success Advisor. Our student employees will work to find a time that works best for you and schedule you to meet with your Success Advisor.

2) You can walk-in to our offices on the 9th floor and see if your advisor is available, or schedule a time to meet with them.

3) By logging in to Ensign Connect, you can schedule a virtual appointment with your Success Advisor (via video or phone). Please make sure you are scheduling an appointment with the correct advisor. Your specific advisor can be found by logging in to your student center on MyEnsign or by referring to the chart on the Student Success Center webpage.

Q: Why do I need to meet with my Success Advisor?

A: There are various reasons to schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor, some common reasons are: Course/Graduation Planning, Program Changes, Academic Standing Issues, International Student Documentation (RCL, OPT, I20 Extensions), Financial Aid Appeal forms (SAP, GPA, Pace), Practicum Verification, Program questions, any other questions pertaining to graduation requirements.

Q: Who is my Success Advisor?

A: We have three Student Success Advisors in the Student Success Center. Each full-time staff member has been assigned to advise in the programs contained in the three academic departments – Professional Services, Business Management and Digital Technology. Below is a list of the Advisors and the departments that they assist in:

Janine Green – Professional Services
Ryan Cornelius – Digital Technology
Tyler Morgan – Business Management

Q: How do I get assistance from a Tutor?

A: There are three ways to get help:

1). You can call the front desk to schedule a time to meet with a tutor at 801-524-8151. You can also check the availability of tutoring services this way.

2). You can drop in to our offices on the 9th floor and receive help depending on the tutoring schedules.

3). Tutor schedules and contact information are posted on the Tutoring Website and you can contact tutors directly to schedule an appointment. For more information about tutoring, click here .

Q: How can I change my Program?

A: To change your program of study, you will need to meet with your Student Success Advisor who will talk with you about your goals and what changing your program of study would mean for your education. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 801-524-8151.

Q: Can I take more than one certificate at Ensign College?

A: Yes. To declare another certificate, please schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor.

Q: How can I defer my education due to missionary or military service?

A: You will need to contact the Registration Department at 801-524-8145 or ( ) or click here for more information.

Q: Where do I go to figure out about the Internship Requirement for my degree?

A: Schedule an appointment with your advisor who will verify you have completed the pre-requisite course work. They will then direct you to speak with the Career Services Department in enrolling in CAR 299 and can also help you find an internship to participate in.

Q: How can I find my graduation requirements?

A: Students can find their Academic Requirements by logging into their Student Center on MyEnsign and selecting Academic Requirements from the drop-down menu and clicking on the arrows. By expanding all requirements, students will be able to see classes that they have taken, are enrolled in and have not yet taken which will list how those classes fulfill their degree requirements.

Q: Where can I get my transcripts?

A: There are two different types of transcripts that can be obtained through your Student Center on MyEnsign. Official Transcripts can be ordered by clicking on the “Request Official Transcript” Link in your Student Center on MyEnsign. You can also view an Unofficial Transcript by selecting “Transcript: View Unofficial” from the drop-down menu and clicking on the arrows. Unofficial transcripts cannot be used for admission consideration to any four year university or master’s degree level programs.

Q: If I am struggling in my classes, how can I get help?

A: Our Student Success Advisors are here to help you in any way they can. The Student Success Center also provides Tutoring Services which can help students to perform better in their classes. Our Advisors are available Monday through Friday to assist in navigating your courses.

Q: What services are offered as part of the Student Success Center?

A: The Student Success Center exists to help students succeed in their educational pursuits. To further this drive, the Student Success Center provides the following services:

- Tutoring
- Title IX
- Disability Accommodations
- Counseling Services
- Academic Advising
- Student Involvement and Engagement


The Student Success Center is here to help! Contact us at (801) 524-8151 with any further questions.

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.

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