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Career & Internship Services

Phone: (801) 524-1925
Address: 95 N 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Monday - Friday: 8am–5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Closed Friday 10am-11am (Staff Meetings) and Tuesday 11am-12pm (Devotional)
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Need Help Now or Later?
Get help from Career & Internship Services.

The live Zoom room is staffed by Career and Internship student employees ready to help prospective and current students and graduates of Ensign College. Visitors can get help with Career Exploration, Clifton Strengths, Resume Preparation, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Internship Searches, Career Job Searches, Interviewing Skills, and other Career-related questions. If now doesn’t work, make an appointment with one of our Career and Internship Student employees at a time that fits you.

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Monday - Friday

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The Ensign Center for Employer Connections (Ec²), provides a gathering space for students seeking experience and employers providing opportunities to help capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ enter the workforce. Partner companies include: RBDC, Gigg, JourneyTeam, Sparwood
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Since its founding in 1886, nearly 100,000 students have attended Ensign College. Alumni are found across the globe in every walk of life and at every level of personal and professional accomplishment.
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On-Campus Jobs
Most students need employment while attending Ensign College. International students, specifically, are only able to be employed at locations considered to be on campus which are Ensign College, BYU Pathway, and the Church’s Global Services Department.

Ensign College BYU Pathway GSD
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The Ensign Connect platform hosts a job board with internship and job opportunities through key employers; provides networking opportunities with faculty, staff, and other students; employs interactive roadmaps to help you define your personal brand; and facilitates mentoring relationships with alumni.
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Immerse yourself in a week-long event designed to prepare you for success in your job hunt and in the workplace.
Mexico Connect is a scholarship encouraging Mexican students to complete the required internship in their home country.
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Lifting Generations
Ensign College students helped Lifting Generations to develop and test a new way to mentor online, to people in Center America and South America. Lifting Generations is a nonprofit organization with services that include: mentoring programs, educational programs, small business training, economic development, job training and job placement.
Brazil Connect
Brazil Connect is a group within Ensign Connect for students from Brazil who want to network with Brazil students to expanding interests such as internship and jobs opportunities.


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