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Launch Your Tech Career

Coding, Cybersecurity, and More

  • Want to learn full-stack coding to build websites and apps from start to finish? Software engineering will get you there.
  • More interested in cybersecurity or systems administration in the cloud? We have programs for those, too.
  • Or maybe you just need the basics to cover a wide range of IT fields in DevOps, tech support, quality engineering, or tech management and sales.

Whatever your career goals, our programs have got you covered with job-ready skills.

Cybersecurity tech working on computer system
Get Real Experience in the Technology Institute
Ensign College partners with BYU Pathway Worldwide to provide education to thousands of online students across the globe. The Ensign College tech lab hosts the servers for their work.

And who runs the tech lab? Students do.

Student employees manage the data center, cloud support, dev ops, and cybersecurity for the school servers and beyond. This is just one of many ways Ensign can prepare you to be a capable and trusted employee wherever you go.
What's the Difference?

All Ensign College degrees start with a certificate. See how our IT programs build on each other.

diagram showing that the computer science certificate is the foundation that leads to either the software development AAS degree or the software engineering bachelor's degree
The Computer Science certificate focuses on intermediate programming, databases, web development, information technology basics, and computer science theory. It is also the foundation for the Software Development and Software Engineering programs.

Software Engineering prepares you to work in development groups as engineers, programmers, and project managers. Learn how to build complex software using popular programming languages and APIs.

Software Development prepares you to work with software, such as in DevOps (making software systems work together), quality engineering, and tech product management. Learn how to develop software projects from concept to completion within an agile project management environment.
diagram showing the degree path for the cybersecurity and system admin bachelor's degree programs. you start with a technical support certificate leads, then get the information technology AAS. you can then choose a specialty in either cybersecurity or system administration.
The Technical Support certificate provides a foundation for support jobs and can build into an Information Technology AAS. The AAS prepares you to be an IT generalist, supporting a variety of businesses and programs.

If you complete the AAS, you have a strong foundation to move into a specialty program in either Cybersecurity or Systems Administration, which focus on cloud computing.
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