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Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Associate Degree, Certificate
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Assemble a portfolio of skills to become your own boss.

A Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship certificate will help you develop a comprehensive toolkit for operating your own business. Develop a well-rounded set of skills in accounting, marketing, office technology, entrepreneurship, and management. You’ll graduate with key leadership skills, and the ability to identify and solve complex business problems—so you have the hands on experience to build a competitive small business.

Job Outlook

  • Market Snapshot:


    Small Business Manager jobs available in the U.S. as of January 2024.

    (Zip Recruiter)
  • $77K
    National average salary for business consultants as of January 2024.

  • Be Your Own Boss

    Consider these popular gigs:

    • Photographer
    • Business Consultant
    • Driver/Delivery
    • Videographer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Beautician
    • Writer
    • Tutor
  • $128K
    National average salary for videographers as of January 2024.

Program Overview

The Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship program will prepare you from day one to employ an entrepreneurial mindset, strategic planning, and innovative problem-solving in your job.

This certificate is one of the foundational certificates for the Business Management bachelor’s and associate of applied science (AAS) degrees.

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Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship is available as a stand-alone certificate, or you can add general education courses to receive a fully transferable associate of science (AS) degree. Learn more about how the AS degree works.

The Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship certificate will provide you with a robust foundation in essential business principles tailored specifically for small businesses. These skills can be applied to a variety of roles and industries, including:

  • Launching and managing a small business
  • Entrepreneurial leadership and innovation
  • Financial management and budgeting for small businesses
  • Marketing and branding strategies for startups
  • Strategic planning and growth management for entrepreneurial ventures

This certificate equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of small business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Upon completion of the certificate, you'll be able to:

  • Understand and apply basic and practical accounting principles to small businesses
  • Demonstrate an applied understanding of Excel
  • Develop the skills to plan, build, organize, and draft a plan to start a small business
  • Understand and apply social media marketing principles and platforms, by developing simple marketing strategies and monitoring basic analytics in relation to a small business
  • Demonstrate key managerial and leadership skills such as delegation, follow up, planning, organizing, and employee development
  • Analyze data to create, develop, and implement solutions to keep a small business competitive and identify complex business problems

    You’ll also leave here with the skills to communicate effectively, articulate your career preparation confidently, and collaborate with others meaningfully. And in all things, we’ll help you work toward becoming a capable and trusted disciple of Jesus Christ. So whatever you do, you’ll be prepared to be the best you possible.

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