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Before You Arrive

The following checklist contains valuable information and things to do to help you get started at Ensign College. We encourage you to read through and complete each applicable item to make sure you are prepared to succeed at the College.


  • Complete New Student Orientation
    • Please watch your email for information on how to complete New Student Orientation.

  • Make plans to attend New Student Orientation events and activities
  • Complete FERPA access setup
    • Students are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You'll need to set up a FERPA passphrase to access your records. Here is more information about FERPA as well as instructions to set up your FERPA passphrase. Set Up FERPA Passphrase .
  • Check Official Ensign College Email
    • Every new student is assigned an Ensign College email account, which will be used for all official communication from the college. Your email will be assigned once you are admitted. We will send your Ensign College email information to the email address you provided in your application. You will typically receive this information 24 to 48 hours after receiving your admission notification. Your email address will be assigned based on your Ensign College Net ID, and will follow this format: If your assigned Net ID is johndee, your Ensign College email address will be . If you have not received this information, please check your junk mail. Then contact the EC Helpdesk at (801) 524-8119 or . Learn about Ensign College Email Addresses .
  • Log in and explore MyEnsign
    • MyEnsign is an important tool to become familiar with as it contains information and tools and resources pertinent to your success at Ensign College. You can locate MyEnsign from the Quick Links tab on the main home page. Log in to MyEnsign and explore. See if you can identify your Success Advisor in preparation for the next checklist item.
  • Schedule an appointment with your Success Advisor
    • Every student has a designated Success Advisor who is there to support them throughout their journey at Ensign College. Your Success Advisor can help you ensure you are in the right program of study to align with your professional or future educational goals, develop a graduation plan, help you know what classes to register for, verify alignment with program and graduation requirements, connect you to other resources for success, and act as a trusted mentor to guide you through all aspects of your student experience. Schedule an appointment with your Success Advisor by calling (801) 524-8151, or by visiting EC Connect . Success Advisors are designated by program of study. You can find who your Success Advisor is by logging in to MyEnsign, or by visiting the Success Advising page .
  • Plan to take Math Placement test
    • If your chosen Certificate or degree require you to take any Math courses, you will need to take a placement test to place you in an appropriate course based on your current knowledge and abilities. You will need to complete the Math placement test before you can register for your second semester at Ensign College. To learn more about the Math Placement test go to .
  • Health Insurance
    • If you are enrolled in school at least ¾ time, you will need to have adequate medical coverage. This can be obtained through private insurance or through our school plan. Learn About Health Insurance .
  • Find Housing
    • If you plan to relocate to be near campus, you will need to find housing. Ensign College does not own, operate or control any student housing facilities, but provides a list of off-campus property owners as an informal service to students. Learn About Housing Options .


  • Complete I-20 documents
    • International students must be issued an I-20 to study at Ensign College. Before an I-20 can be issued, you'll need to complete several tasks. International students will not be allowed to register for classes until the I-20 is issued. View I-20 Documents .
  • International Student Check-In
    • Once you enter the country and are ready to start school, you'll need to complete the International Student Check-in Process.

1.Complete the International Student Check-in Application on bcINTL with your U.S. address.

2.Bring the following documents to the International Student Office on the second floor (these must be brought by you in person):

  1. I-20 Form issued by Ensign College
  2. Passport
  3. Visa
  4. Current I-94 Form (this is an online form that you will access by clicking here .
  5. If you have dependents, bring all of their documentation as well.

All of these documents will be scanned into our system. You will also receive an International Student Handbook that will advise you on how to stay in status while attending Ensign College.


The Student Success Center is here to help! Contact us at (801) 524-8151 with any further questions.

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.