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Student Consumer Information

Ensign College is required to disclose information to enrolled and prospective students, parents, employees, and the public. With reasonable notice, employees of Ensign College can assist students to obtain consumer information during regular working hours by request. Paper copies can also be made available for students. If you have any questions about consumer information, please contact the Financial Aid Office by calling 801-524-8111.

Financial Aid

Institutional Information

Availability of Employees for Information Dissemination

Contact the Manager of Financial Aid at 801-524-1927

School's Retention Rate

Percentage of students who began their studies in Fall 2018 and returned in Fall 2019:

  • Full-time students - 56%
  • Part-time students - 31%

Ensign College Graduates and Job Placement

  • The graduation rate within three years for students entering as full-time, first-time students in Fall 2016 was 25%. The transfer-out rate was 35%.
  • Fall 2018 Graduates Job Placement Rate: 56% employed - 29% part-time and 71% full-time employees. This data comes from the graduation survey (47%) and the 6-month alumni survey (53%). For more information on how the Job Placement Rate is calculated please see here .

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Clery (Campus Security) Act

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


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