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Make yourself marketable.

Get your Medical Coding certificate.

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Jump into the booming field of medical billing and coding.

The Medical Coding certificate will give you the in-demand skill set to work in a medical clinic billing department or independent coding facility. You’ll learn medical terminology and efficient coding practices while improving your professional communication skills. The curriculum will prepare you to sit for a national certification exam upon completion. So you’ll graduate highly trained to join a growing industry eager to hire coding professionals.

You’ll also leave here with the skills to communicate effectively, articulate your career preparation confidently and collaborate with others meaningfully. And in all things, we’ll help you work toward becoming a capable and trusted disciple of Jesus Christ. So whatever you do, you’ll be prepared to be the best you possible.

Which Degree is Right For You?
Ensign College offers 2 degree options for the Medical Coding area of study: 1) Certificate combined with general education courses into a transferable AS degree; or 2) Stand-alone certificate. Each option equips you with the valuable skills employers want, so you can get to work right away (and continue your education while you get paid!)
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If your goal is to get a transferable, skills-based degree, you’re in the right place. Any certificate can be combined with general education courses to create your AS degree.

Seeking to expand your job-related skills to broaden career options? Strengthen your resume by including two certificates in your degree. Or, discover new interests by choosing one certificate and exploring elective credits. Are you a Pathway student interested in attending Ensign College? Those earned credits can be transferred to your AS degree as electives.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll graduate with the technical, critical thinking and interpersonal skills that employers look for, so you can secure a career and excel.

Interested in continuing your education after you graduate? No problem. Your regionally-accredited AS degree, which includes the credits from your selected certificate(s), can be transferred to a 4-year institution.

Core Curriculum 34 credits 34 credits 34 credits
Certificate(s) 15 credits 15 credits 16-29 credits
Electives 11 credits 0-6 credits
TOTAL 60 credits 64 credits 50-69 credits
Get a stand-alone certificate
Are you looking for the fastest option to gain marketable skills? Do you want to get a competitive job without a 2- or 4-year degree? Ensign College offers stand-alone certificate options to help you improve your skill set in as little as 1-2 semesters, depending on the field. Our goal is to help you get work in the field of your choice in a shorter amount of time, with the potential for further education later.


Have you laid out your course sequencing yet? It’s essential that you meet with your success advisor first thing to ensure that you stay on track. Accumulating too many credits will not only affect your eligibility for financial aid, but also your ability to transfer to another school. So don’t wait. Set yourself up for success by mapping out your required courses from the beginning.

You can reach your success advisor through the Student Success Center at or 801-524-8151.

Women speaking at at pulpit.
Schillene Bigelow
Program Chair - Health Professions
B.S., Health Care Administration, University of Phoenix, 2012
M.S., Management and Leadership, Western Governors University

Office 801-524-1992
Jerilyn Butterfield
Jerilyn Butterfield
Medical Coding Program Supervisor
CPC Certification
A.A.S., Medical Coding Specialist, Santa Barbara City College, 2014
B.S., Family Science, Brigham Young University, 1996

After raising five children and serving faithfully in numerous leadership capacities in the Relief Society and Young Women’s organizations, Jerilyn entered the medical field in 2010 as a transcriptionist in Northern California while pursuing a degree in medical coding. She came to Ensign College in 2016 as an adjunct faculty member, subject matter expert and course creator. She strongly believes that the journey is as important as the destination in all learning environments.
Office 801-524-8147

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